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A Daughter’s Anger –  A Dad’s support:

The Manslater:
Everything men need to know, about what men don’t know…

Matthew McConaughey has 3 aspects on life – Something to look up to… Something to look forward to…  AND Someone to chase – His Hero (Himself in 10 years time…) Have a listen…


The first 1TB SD card:

I still remember when the first 1TB USB flash drives were coming out—it wasn’t so many years ago. The fact that we can now stuff that same storage capacity in a tiny SD card is truly mind-boggling. We don’t quite know the price yet, but it won’t be cheap. The SanDisk 512MB SD card currently goes for well over $300, so expect it to be significantly more than that. Storage capacity is one of those categories that is just constantly innovating and pushing forward with more and more storage in smaller packages for cheaper prices.


A wheel of the Future…

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