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Better to be a nobody and yet have a servant – than pretend to be somebody and have no food“.
Behind every good man is a good woman”… whether its a Partner, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Boss…
“Men don’t talk face-to-face, they talk shoulder-to-shoulder” [ Men’s Shed Motto ]

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Fathers Day Tribute:

Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. In Catholic Europe, it has been celebrated on March 19 (St. Joseph’s Day) since the Middle Ages. This celebration was brought by the Spanish and Portuguese to Latin America, where March 19 is often still used for it, though many countries in Europe and the Americas have adopted the U.S. date, which is the third Sunday of June. Australia celebrates on the first Sunday in September.  It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March, April and June… you can read the full article about Father’s Day around the World on Wikipedia.

In addition to Father’s Day, International Men’s Day is celebrated in many countries on November 19 in honor of men and boys who are not fathers.


Dad’s Boost Babies Brains:

Babies learn faster if their Fathers engage with them, a study suggests. It found that infants with more remote fathers tended to be slower at recognising colours and objects. The study, by researchers at imperial college London and Oxford University, is one of a few to examine the impact of men, rather than women, on a child’s development. The results suggest it is hugely important that men speak to a child in a positive tone of voice, pay attention to what interests them and elaborate on their speech.

Source: Australian Heraldsun – thursday,11 may 2017 ]


MRI Scans used to test Prostate Cancer.


A blood test has been developed that could help target treatment for men with advanced prostate cancer. Cancer researchers in Europe analysed blood from 265 men with the disease. They found those with multiple copies of a particular gene did not respond to abiraterone and enzalutamide – drugs commonly used to treat advanced cases. More trials are needed but the team hope the test could prevent thousands of men undergoing unnecessary treatment and allow more personalised care. The drugs abiraterone and enzalutamide are given to a man whose cancer is no longer responding to traditional hormone therapy and has started to spread. Costing less than £50, the test is a quick and relatively cheap way of preventing men from undergoing the side effects of therapy that will fail.

Lead researcher Dr Gerhardt Attard, from the Centre for Evolution and Cancer at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, said: “Abiraterone and enzalutamide are excellent treatments for advanced prostate cancer and some men can take these drugs for years without seeing a return of their cancer.

“But in other men, these drugs do not work well and the disease rapidly returns. Currently, there is no approved test to help doctors choose whether these are the best treatments for an individual. “We have developed a robust test that can be used in the clinic to pick out which men with advanced prostate cancer are likely to respond to abiraterone and enzalutamide, and which men might need alternative treatments.” For the study, published in the journal Annals of Oncology, scientists took blood samples from patients taking part in three different clinical trials. Dr Iain Frame, director of research at Prostate Cancer UK, said the test could be a significant step towards moving away from a “one-size-fits-all” approach to treatment. About 46,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the UK every year, one in four of them at an advanced stage.
Source – BBC news ]
UK’s Men’s Shed of the year 2017 

Behind the doors of a former factory on an industrial estate in south-west Scotland, a group of men are hard at work – but this is no ordinary workplace. This is Dalbeattie Men’s Shed, where local men in their 50s, 60s and 70s meet twice a week to “plooter about in workshops”. Using wood, plastic or metal, they can turn their hands to just about anything, from clocks and pens to bookcases and tables. The Shed was set up three years ago by a core group of five in a bid to tackle the social isolation felt by many men in their retirement. Since then its numbers have swelled to more than 50 and its success has been recognised on a national scale – it has been named Men’s Shed of the Year 2017.

The UK Men’s Shed Association said Dalbeattie stood out as it went “above and beyond to help as many local people as possible”. The group maintain the town’s Christmas lanterns, and they have restored furniture and play-things for Dalbeattie’s new nursery. Last year they also repaired a 10ft tall illuminated cat centrepiece for Dalbeattie Civic Week – and even made a duplicate from scratch. Image caption Geoff Allison said the group was proud to be named Shed of the Year Image caption The social aspect of the Men’s Shed is as important as the work Secretary Geoff Allison said they were proud that the award had “put Dalbeattie on the map”.

The group – a social enterprise – was originally started as a way of connecting like-minded people who may be struggling with retirement. Founding member Brian Atwell said the Shed had filled a hole in the community, as well as in the lives of its members. “It fulfills a lot of things for a lot of men,” said the 78-year-old retired marriage guidance counsellor. “For a lot of men, when work stops, there’s nothing left. Once they’ve painted the house and done all that, they’re left saying ‘now what?’ Well, here’s what.” Image caption Michael Sands always chooses the Men’s Shed over daytime TV. Image caption Some of the men’s handiwork is on display at the Shed Among the regular commissions for photo frames and coffee tables, Michael Sands is working on a slightly more unusual order. He is constructing a trebuchet for a residential center for vulnerable children in Lanarkshire “It’s a medieval war machine which is used for throwing rocks at castles,” said Mr Sands, a former car workshop service manager. “It’s probably our most unusual commission and it’s certainly given me the most fun. “Trying it out is going to be brilliant. We’re going to be like naughty schoolboys again,” he joked.

A New Passion: The 66-year-old was encouraged to join the Men’s Shed by his wife. After living in Cape Town for many years, he had become isolated in his retirement. “At first I was quite reluctant to come, I don’t know why, maybe it was a bit of shyness or something,” he said. “But I came and it was brilliant.” It has allowed him to indulge his passion for woodwork, despite not having the space for such a hobby at home, and he has made “a stack” of new friends. What would he be doing if he wasn’t at the Men’s Shed? “Probably sitting at my computer or watching daytime TV,” he said. “It’s a toss up between this and watching Cash in the Attic, there’s not much in it, is there?” Image caption Geoffrey Thomas has learned wood-turning and engraving skills at the Dalbeattie Shed When Geoffrey Thomas retired to Scotland from Sussex five years ago, he spent the first six months of his retirement “on the couch watching television”.At his wife’s suggestion, he joined the Shed in its earliest days he has never looked back. He is now the group’s treasurer. The 69-year-old said: “It’s just amazing what it’s done for me. I feel a lot better in myself. “Certainly, it’s a wonderful feeling that you’re doing something not only for yourself but for the community and believe me, Dalbeattie is a wonderful community.” Retired painter and decorator Derek Caldow was giving some “TLC” to a child’s rocking horse donated to the group by a local man. With the Men’s Shed, the local football club and his grandchildren, he said “life just flies by”.

 “The best thing is the company, it keeps you going, keeps you active. What else would you be doing on a winter’s morning?” Image caption David Stott served in the Falklands and the first Gulf War It’s not just for pensioners however. Army veteran David Stott, 55, turned to the Men’s Shed while suffering from post-traumatic stress and combat stress. He has acquired new skills and he is making his wife a new coffee table. “Before I was all to myself, I wouldn’t do anything, I wouldn’t speak to anybody,” he said. “But now I’m speaking to everybody and getting along great with everybody. “If I wasn’t here I’d probably be stuck in the house doing nothing, in my own little bubble. “But since I’ve come here the bubble’s burst and I’m away.”

Source – BBC News ]




 – History: World’s oldest working steam Locomotive: 

The Indian Railways still has the oldest preserved locomotive in working order, the Fairy Queen which was made way back in 1855, It finds a place in the Guinness Book of World Records and received a Heritage Award at the International Tourist Bureau in Berlin – March 2000.


 – History: World’s oldest running car:

an 1884 De Dion Bouton Et Trapardoux Dos-A-Dos Steam Runabout, made history, fetching $4.62 million at RM Auctions’ Hershey, Pennsylvania event before a packed house, the 127-year-old ride quickly eclipsed its $500,000 starting bid. By the time the dust had settled, the gavel fell at $4.2 million. The Runabout had been in the same family for 81 years prior to the sale, and is one of six De Dion tricycles known to still exist. A total of 20 of the three-wheelers were built. When new, the trike had a top speed of 38 mph and a range of 20 miles on one tank of water. The vehicle that sold last night was the only car to show for the world’s first auto race, it averaged 16 mph over a 20-mile course.


 – History: Worlds oldest Aircraft: 

The Blériot XI was used by Louis Blériot to make the first flight across the English Channel in a heavier-than-air aircraft, on 25 July 1909. One of the most famous accomplishments of the pioneer era of aviation, and not only won Blériot a lasting place in history but also assured the future of his aircraft manufacturing business, causing a major reappraisal of the importance of aviation. It was produced in both single- and two-seat versions, powered by a number of different engines, and was widely used for competition and training purposes. Two restored examples — one in the United Kingdom and one in the United States — of original Blériot XI aircraft are thought to be the two oldest flyable aircraft in the world.


 – History: Worlds oldest Ship: 

The Khufu ship is an intact full-size vessel from Ancient Egypt that was sealed into a pit in the Giza pyramid complex at the foot of the Great Pyramid of Giza around 2500 BC. The ship now is preserved in the Giza Solar boat museum. The ship was almost certainly built for Khufu (King Cheops), the second pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom of Egypt. Like other buried Ancient Egyptian ships, it was apparently part of the extensive grave goods intended for use in the afterlife, and contained no bodies, unlike northern European ship burials.


Support for Men:

For some Men, loving themselves is a big enough challenge in life let alone loving others… feeling like a dull unsharpened axe where more strength is needed to combat some of the heavy schedules we have in our lives today. All due to a myriad of reasons that can effect positions in Family Life, Relationships, Work, Spiritual and even Leisure.
The Statistics on men’s health & general well-being are undulating further & further to extremes (depending on the source). Many Professionals and Family members continue to highlight areas that appear paramount from time to time, so to culminate in assisting, the Men’s Elective Network desires to enhance men’s growth (both individually & Collectively) through corroboration via M.E.N. Support, Referral, Health & Connecting to point men in the right direction to Ask, Seek & Knock…


Men in general work hard, play hard and have great expectations of themselves – and others, in their quest to find contentment in everything they do. In addition to the responsibilities of family & working Life most Blokes need an outlet with Sport probably being at the top. For some, simply watching “their Team” or “favourite player” is sufficient but for others it involves more of a hands-on approach – from recreational fishing or golf to an extreme high risk high impact activity that may involve either strength, speed or Height, the Ultimate of course is all three!
Other forms may have a more Social nature… even nature itself! Another more prominent activity is construction – or preservation… Buildings, Planes, Trains and Automobiles – Model or Full scale, Music too is often “instrumental” as an outlet in all its expressive forms. As water reflects the face, so ones life reflects the heart… as iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another – all this and more, together portray the amazing skills that Men display in their quest for success in life.


Mission Statement: 

Supporting the lives of Men via the Men’s Elective Network with Resource Directories for Help, Fulfillment and Contentment in life.