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Men’s Health Network Directory is the hub of a growing global network of websites for the benefit of men and their families… established to cater for the growing needs of males whom it seems represent on average around 75% of all suicides globally..

The Men’s Elective Network is committed to supporting all the global Men’s Networks, Men’s Resources, Men’s Groups, Men’s Events… in fact any organisation that professes to work towards the betterment of Men and their Families around our “Global Village” communities…


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Contrary to how some individuals see other people, we need each other – Just as a body has many parts it is not made up of one part but many. A head with eyes, nose, ears, all purposefully skilled, so too arms, legs and the torso with all its intricate parts that serve a meaningful purpose… many parts, but one body… so it is with men and women AND children.

Our first country Focus – Men’s Health Australia Directory, check out whats happening in the land down under:  ]



Taking the country of Australia for example, 6 men each day take their own lives…. 82 men “think” about taking their own lives – just a thought!




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Supporting the lives of Men via the Men’s Elective Network with Resource Directories for Help, Fulfillment and Contentment in life.