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Welcome to the central Locale (Hub) of the Men’s Elective Network – A global Men’s Health Network Directory resource, for Men, their Mates and Families to shine the light on ‘Men’s Health and Well-being’. A global strategic footprint with with Resource Directories covering indexed Web page Links & Phone Numbers to assist anyone needing a shoulder to lean on of a leg-up to stay with life… The Directories are collated under Four main Categories; Men’s Health services‘ , ‘Men’s Support Services‘, ‘Men’s Referral Services’, & ‘Men’s Group’s (Clubs) with equal importance to the Events page that offers access to a variety of regional groups, registered Societies and state generic organisations.


“On the Horizon of Men’s Health & Well-being…”

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A Focus on pornography …

With the Internet now accessible on mobile (cell) phones over the last few years means a “new” way to view anything on-line and search all manner of information or resources of almost any kind. Prior to this, to view pornography usually meant physically walking into a store for a magazine… followed closely by the video era. Now its actually possible to view pornography at any level – including even social media platforms!

From this point… any human being becomes vulnerable and for some an addiction that’s evolved leading to all sorts of difficulties such as excessive amounts of time and money to satisfy a never ending appetite. The following article may be of some help – Click the image to read further:

Porn on the net


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~ Our Business Cards have been updated … the M.E.N. Site Cards PDF link above and the Australian site.

Both are in print form (A4) sheets.


~ Have you Seen our latest Movie review – The pursuit of Happiness.




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Supporting the lives of Men via the Men’s Elective Network with Resource Directories for Help, Fulfillment and Contentment in life.