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  Understanding the Way Men Grieve.

The difference in the way men grieve and respond to loss is either stoic or broad… from past surveys some evidence indicates that plenty of men stereotype the following:
emotionally controlled, closed to talking about matters of the heart, seek solitude as a connection, personally respond rather than have fire chats!

Hopkins quote.

Another way of saying this is… Men, more than women, generally remain silent or grieve in isolation, work on action-based forms of grief expression, lose themselves in activities like work or do things out of the ordinary…
which fits the flow of the initial position – death… which is generally never expected! Research also signifies that men tend to use alcohol (for those that drink… or use drugs!).

Anthony Hopkins. .

Of course for some the above can work – as a means to the end but its when the reverse happens that it all comes undone in a BIG way – suicidal men tend to more “successful” than women… also excepted as a researched paradigm!

Concluding then that men are more likely to use strategies of avoidance, intellectualize and minimize when grieving. For a further in depth overview, have a look at the following article by J. Scott Janssen:



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[ 2016 ] Following their Mother’s death, Kelly (13) and her sister Chris (10) must leave the city to live with their estranged father, ex-rodeo champ who lives in a tiny Ranch bunkhouse in the middle of nowhere.
The Dad while sorely unprepared for fatherhood gives his best shot against hostility from his girls..

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