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Men’s Health Network – Resource Directories of indexed Links & Phone Numbers to assist Men & their families with central access to community services via website pages under countries of origin.

The Men’s Network Directories are collated under the 4 basic Categories; Men’s Health‘ , ‘Men’s Support‘, ‘Men’s Referral‘, ‘Men’s Groups‘. The Men’s Events gives access to a variety of regional men’s clubs and other registered Societies and local organisations.

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[ Top 20 songs about Fathers/Dad’s ]

Country songs about Dad share a common thread. Take a look at Great American Country’s Top 20 country songs that convey a prevailing truth. Becoming a father isn’t necessarily difficult. But being a good dad – well, that is a challenge.

Parenthood is rally not that different for Americans than any other country and songwriters have been scripting songs about Fathers for years… lets run through some of the best songs that deal with “our dads”.
Some of your favourites might be missing, for example, the Mac Davis song “Watching Scotty Grow” or “I Saw God Today” is a better fatherly entry from George Strait than “The Best Day” but that’s what the following list is for, starting the conversation…

20 great songs about Dad’s AND keep scrolling to see the 20 great songs about Mothers as well.


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[ Worldometer – coronavirus ]

Global Covid Reports…

30 Mar: 638,146 | Deaths- includes covid: 30,105

30 Apr: 3,219,242 | Deaths- includes covid: 228,194

30 May: 5,905,415 | Deaths- includes covid: 362,024

30 June: 10,585,110 | Deaths- includes covid: 513,913

31 July: 18,070,217 | Deaths- includes covid: 689,938

31 Aug: 25,592,138 | Deaths- includes covid: 822,801

30 Sept: 34,445,742 | Deaths- includes covid: 1,023,441

19 Oct: 40,259,805 | Deaths- includes covid: 1,118,095


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~ Movie review ~

[ 2015 ] it’s 1944 and a US Army captain (Luke Goss) and a German-born legionnaire (Dolph Lundgren) train a unit of misfit soldiers to battle the Nazis during World War II.


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Supporting the lives of Men via the Men’s Elective Network with Resource Directories for Help, Fulfillment and Contentment in life.