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The changing facets of men…

1950’s advertisement

When it comes to gender, what is now being embraced is the “roll-over” to except the new world order of community “lifestyles” that see humans in a totally different light against what would have been excepted only 50 years ago… The multi-cultural influence is one aspect but in particular when it comes to the fly by grab main stream media, there seems to be a huge growing “ambition” to try and categorize males in many facets…  “Television identifies popular stereotypes or pillars that reflect culturally around the world how men are stereotypically supposed to act” – see this list. “Traditional representations of men have ascribed certain attributes to male characters such as strength, power, control, authority, rationality and lack of emotion. In other words, media representations of men have reinforced hegemonic masculinity.”

“What now bothers many men (and women!) is the way they are portrayed in the media?” Here are  some pretty accurate examples of how men are problematically portrayed in media.

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[ 2011 ]

Benjamin Mee is grieving the loss of his wife. When his 14-year-old son, Dylan, is expelled from school, he decides to turn his family direction around, and buy a house.

After many inspections with his daughter Rosie,  they finally settle on one they consider perfect… except that it is conditional – the closed adjacent zoo must go  with the house!

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