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why some men feel the need for retreat style timeout session with other men…

“There’s a renewed emphasis among some men, particularly those that lead media, technology or reach large audiences through their work, to communicate with more emotional intelligence”, said Horn, who founded the modern masculinity group Junto in response to the “MeToo” movement.
The examples of what not to do are plentiful, but there’s not a clear mainstream answer for what men should become, he said. Read further here

A Men’s Group?

A men’s group is when a group of men meet regularly in order to better themselves as individuals.

It is not a spiritual group, though spiritual groups certainly take place. It is not a therapy group, even though therapeutic benefits do occur for all who attend. It is simply a regularly held group container wherein men are able to heal parts of their psyche, and become sharper, wiser, and more well rounded as people.

Every man comes into a men’s group with a different primary intention. Read further here about participating or starting your own men’s group….

What Is The Point Of Being In A Men’s Group?

A men’s group is a special form of community. It is a community that meets a man’s desire and need for intimate kinship, support and loyalty… We live in a mega-scale society with cultural units of millions or hundreds of millions of people.

We as men require social units that meet our genetic emotional needs. Attempts to deny the body nutrients will always result in unhealthy bodies. Our bodies may survive, but they will not be bodies filled with vitality. Likewise, denying a man the community structures required by his emotional framework will leave him desperately searching to fill this missing element. Click here for more reading and for access to a men’s group manual.


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