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Men versus food during global difficulties…

Review - Food pyramid

Whether you and your family are coping with lock-downs or as a bloke you are working hard at keeping your business or work life afloat…  its always important not to neglect and maintain some sort of balance in your food dietary intake – this includes alcohol but for the sake of this review we will focus on the food aspect. Work pressure can be continual at the best of times let alone coping with global virus issues so here is a basic list to consider:

Food is more than just fuel, its also about keeping disease at bay and maintaining body stamina:

A healthy diet for men includes:

A couple of fruits a day along with vegetables for vitamins, minerals and  fiber.
Eating whole grains a day… whole-grain bread, cereal, pasta, brown rice or oats.
At least 35 grams of fiber daily for younger chaps; 25-30 grams of fiber per day for men over 50.
Several servings of fish weekly – as opposed to red meat.
Unsaturated fats like oils, nuts and oil-based salad dressings.
Consider choosing dairy products with discretion – cut out butter altogether(?)… cut out the salt, sugar, fatty items with the common understanding that the average daily intakes for adults is: Energy: 8,400kJ/2,000kcal. Total fat: less than 70g. Saturates: less than 20g.

Here is a link to a site for men’s health: building a healthy diet and taking into account the above list is a broad spectrum overview, the important aspect is to maybe consider setting your own food diet goals that works best for you.


Art of Manliness

A satire look at the best of what men have to offer themselves …. and others…

The Best Men’s T-Shirts guide on the Internet

Beard Grooming –Products and Routine

A Fathers 10 ideas  Taught About Style

3 Things to Look for in Leather Boots

Further tips & tricks on the ” Art Of Manliness ” podcasts.



Men supporting feminism…

men supporting feminism

It’s a personal moment where balance of the sexes is raising the question of “who is on top”?  A growing number of men are wanting to help out, so what’s involved…


– Books Revisit:

Book - Men's Health Concerns (S Judd)



Victorian miniature railway

VMR - Andrew & Karen on Traverser,

Coming up to their 6th year of production its been a rough journey through blasting rock to mud and the need to install extra infrastructure to control the water coming off the hillside as well as the need to keep the newly installed tracks clear of mud etc.

Victoria, a state in Australia, has had some serious rainfall over the last couple of years, so much so its caused a few issues that have needed to be delt with along the way, in addition to the odd mishap…

What is interesting about this ambitious project is that it is going to be the longest miniature railway in the southern hemisphere…  Says its President Andrew Mierisch who happens to be the son of Colin Mierisch, a long time advocate of 7 1/4 inch railways. In fact Colin is now working full time in his retirement to help his son achieve this incredible project. By way of introduction the small township of Harcourt (150km north of Melbourne in the state of Victoria, Australia) regularly can here the roar of machinery most weekends that comprises of the diggers, Bobcat, tractor, trucks and other assortment of vehicles… and if that’s not enough to catch the attention of the townsfolk then maybe it would be the sound of the dynamite blasting away the rock in preparation for the railway track bed.

The first stage is to build the first 2 km of track with the completed station and the locomotive servicing facilities.

Moving forward… to date with the blasting and the retaining walls secured in place will allow some focus on laying the tracks… including level crossings…

Things are changing – slowly but steadliy!

VMR - Station at dusk.

Read and see more here…


– Gadgets:

Pieces of gear for the wish list… definitely want and have-to-have that may not actually improve lives – but who cares?
Shopping for anyone’s desire these days is like having a crystal ball – and then there are those who don’t care what the gift is because so long as its worth something then it can be sold or pawned for something “better”.
Follow the link below to see what has past the factory test (so-to-speak) on the latest 2020 best gadgets for the wrapping paper.
The linked page will give you an overview of the must haves” to the “it-will-do” designs in opulence for the tech savvy gifted (pun) friends & family.

Gadgets N Gear


– Male Reviews:

Neil Armstrong

(1930–2012) was an American astronaut who gained the distinction of being the first person to both land and walk on the moon.  “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” – Neil Armstrong (21 July 1969).

In December 1968, Armstrong was chosen to be the commander for Apollo 11, which would be the first planned mission to dock and land on the moon. Armstrong was chosen to be the first person who would have the distinction of walking on the moon.  Some suggest NASA chose Armstrong because he didn’t have a large ego.


Nelson Mandela

(1918 – 2013) was a South African political activist who spent over 20 years in prison for his opposition to the apartheid regime; he was released in 1990. In 1994, Mandela was later elected the first leader of a democratic South Africa. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (jointly with F.W. de Klerk) in 1993 for his work in helping to end racial segregation in South Africa. He is considered the father of a democratic South Africa and widely admired for his ability to bring together a nation, previously divided by apartheid. Nelson Mandela is one of the most admired political leaders of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Century for his vision to forgive and forge a new ‘rainbow’ nation.


Oliver Cromwell 

(1599 – 1658) is a contentious figure in British history. Some see him as a defender of Parliamentary democracy fighting a tyrannical King. It is argued his defence of Parliament led to the development of a modern democracy. However, others see him in a different light, pointing to his seizure of power as ‘Lord Protectorate’ and the massacres of the Irish and Scots which were a form of genocide. He has also been criticised for his rigid puritanism, although in his reign Jews were permitted to re-enter Britain and there was a certain religious tolerance.


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